Shrine of Data Gunj Bakhsh

Al-Hajveri Data Ganj Bakhsh

Hazrat Data GunjBaksh Ali HajveriR.A, was born in 400 A.H. in Ghazni (Afghanistan). He belonged to a Syed family (descendant of the Holy Prophet). He completed his earlier education in Ghazni by memorizing the Holy Quran. Then he studied Arabic, Farsi, Hadith, Fiqh, Philosophy etc. At that time Ghazni was the center of education in Central Asia, and it was the realm of the famous Afghan ruler Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi.

Hazrat Ali Hajveri started his spiritual education under the guidance of HazratAbulFazal in Syria. Then he travelled to many countries & places like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Arabia, Azerbaijan etc. There he met many Sufi saints & dervishes.Later he arrived  Lahore, in 1041 A.D (431 A.H). andstartedpreaching Islam & built a mosque there.

Many unbelievers acceptedIslam on his hands, many people touched the higher stages of spirituality under his guidance. He lived in Lahore for 21 years, and then went to Syria to meet his spiritual teacher HazratAbulFazal. And after the death of HazratAbulFazal in 453 A.H, he again came to Lahore.

Hazrat Data GunjBaksh Ali Hajveri R.A wrote many books, some of his books are: Diwan-e-She’r; Minhajuddin; Al-Bayan Lahal- Al-Ayan; IsrarulKharqWal-Mauniyat; BehrulQuloob; KitabFanaWaBaqa; Birri’ayat Be-Huqooq-Ullah; KashfulIsrar; Sharah-e-Kalam; and KashfulMahjub.

He died at the age of 65 in 465 A.H., in Lahore.

When KhwajaMoinuddin Chishti came to Lahore in 561 A.H (1165 AD), he stayed at the tomb of Hazrat Ali Hajveri for two weeks. When he finished his meditation, he said a couplet in Farsi:

GanjBukhshFaiz-e-Alam; Mazhar-e-Noor-e-Khuda
Naqisa-raPir-e-Kamil; Kamila-raRahnuma


GanjBuskh (Bestower of Spiritual Treasures) is a grace to the world; a manifesto of God’s light.
A perfect spiritual teacher for the beginners; a guide for perfected.