Visitor Reviews

Great service. So excited about this. We went on this city tour last week and our tour guideĀ  was definitely one of the best tour guides I have ever seen in my life. I have traveled all over the world with guides from a variety of origins. Guide was very knowledgeable, had great communication skills, was funny and sang very well. He knew very well how to keep all travelers comfortable, informed and well entertained. The buses are spotless and well maintained. It was an amazing experience overall and I highly recommend you all to book your tour.

Nadiya Najib Tourist

Gri8 service.. We went to wagha border for flag lowering ceremony via this beautiful red bus……
This trip was outstanding!
Highly recommended, if you want to go to wagha, do go by this bus service.

Namrah Naeem Tourist

very informative,they tell us about all historical buildings on mall road,their historical importance, which always go un noticed when used to travel by personal car on mall road,This is our precious heritage and I love going on sight seeing bus due to this reason,and they are v economical too,I love Lahore and love Pakistan

Rafat Jabeen Tourist